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Happy Half-way Day!

Phew! We are now at the half way point in Rags' daily activity posts on our social media channels, and what a busy few weeks it has been! Every day through August, Rags has shared an easy, fun and accessible way to connect with your child, to give you a helping hand... and there is still more to come.

As a parent or carer, you are your child's most important playmate, and because we understand the value of play, we know that time playing with children is never, ever, wasted.

The child's brain has not yet fully developed, and therefore they are biologically unable to think rationally, or in the same way about thoughts and feelings as adults. Play is the natural language of children, and spending time together in this way helps your child to feel seen, heard and understood. In fact, this simple playful connection can actually reduce the difficult behaviours we often see in young children - amazing isn't it?

Hear more about this in an upcoming blog, but for now just pop onto our page on or

Not everyone uses social media, so because nobody gets left out at Emotions at Play, here are a few highlights.

(If you love Rags' ideas and would like the entire month of ideas sending to your inbox, just get in touch with us)

We are happy to help!

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