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What is Emotions at Play all about?

Updated: Jul 6, 2023

Emotions at Play has been designed for children, parents, guardians and caregivers, because we know that navigating the big feelings of children can be tricky for everyone involved. Our books have been created to help with common emotions such as worry and anger, to new experiences such as moving house and having a new baby... but the Emotions at Play series are more than just story books.

Alongside you, and our mascot Rags, your child can enter the colourful world of the main character, whose difficulty has been written to gently mirror that of the child. Together you can play your way through fun games, sensory activities, experiments, and lots of opportunities to get creative.

And there is more...

Each book comes with dedicated information and guidance on supporting your child, bringing my knowledge and experience as a therapist to your home.

You are your child's favourite and most important playmate. Let's work together to support our children in the most playful and creative of ways.

Keep posted for the launch date of our first five books later this summer!

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