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Why boredom in the holidays can be a good thing

So the summer holidays are well and truly here, and by now you have probably heard those dreaded words...

Though it can be tempting to fill our children's time with a detailed plan of activities, clubs and outings, it is actually super important for us to feel bored from time to time, and a vital part of a child's development.

Day to day, young people get very little choice in how to spend their time. From the school timetable to after school activities and beyond, most parts of the child's day is decided by the adults.

Boredom therefore, is an opportunity for children to think for themselves, come up with ideas and problem solve. Planning and carrying out an activity of their own choice can increase self esteem and creative thinking, and the more opportunities that a child has to build these neural pathways, the stronger they will be.

Being 'bored' can sometimes feel to be a negative emotion, but having the power to change this can bring a sense of agency and independence to a young person. If our minds were never given the freedom to wander and daydream, we would miss out on the ability to think creatively, develop adaptability and think outside the box. Imagine what great ideas would have been left undiscovered!

Sometimes, children need a little help in exercising their 'Bored to Brilliant' mind, so one idea is to brainstorm together the types of things they could do, or you could do together. You can then refer to this together the next time they utter the words 'I'm bored!'

  • Could you make a den?

  • What about something special for a favourite toy?

  • What can you create with natural materials?

  • How about an invention?

So, next time you hear the words 'I'm Bored!' remember the opportunities that it can bring, and embrace it.

What can you come up with together?

Look out for Rags' downloadable 'Bored to Brilliant' resource available soon in our shop.

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